Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Why the iPad is the Best Gadget Out There

I’m not just talking about the iPad, but also about the tablet, which is the defining invention and lifestyle gadget of this generation.  You see, tablets have been around for quite awhile but they never really caught on.  PDAs and iPods have dominated the scene from years ago, and tablets were nowhere in sight—they mostly existed for graphic designers.  The most that the tablets from years ago did was to serve as graphic design tools that transferred the users stylus-written lines into digital mode and that was that. 

One technology that truly changed the whole scene was the intuitive touchscreen tech, which when applied with smartphones and other pocket gadgets revolutionized the way we see technology and the way it is being used.  Things suddenly did not require buttons—which leads to the possibility of more screen space in lieu of traditional keypads.  How many times has one seen a child with no knowledge of computers playing with a tablet gadget for the first time… and turning these same children into wizards.  

Suddenly the aged with their complaints of the generation gap and technostress have easily conquered the tablet in just a few hours!  Even the developmentally disabled are able to navigate the tablet thanks to the touchscreen technology it employs.  I would know myself because my brother, who has autism, searches for his favourite videos on Youtube on his iPad without any help from anyone!  He learned the whole thing himself.
So when Steve Jobs first introduced the iPad years ago, people scoffed at the idea, saying the thing was junk, an oversized iPod Touch.  But look where those comments are now—the world is now teeming with all these devices patterned after the iPad, which had entered the market amidst pessimism and skepticism. 

So what truly makes this new gadget the best among its peers?  Let’s look at the most popular reasons why the tablet is the top lifestyle gadget of this generation.  

Portability.  It’s not necessarily more portable than a smartphone like the iPhone.  But it is definitely less cumbersome like most laptops or ultrabooks.  It also offers the screen size that small gadgets can’t offer—one can watch movies better with this in tow, for example.  Yes it is definitely weird to see someone using his or her iPod as a camera, but since tablets like the iPad pack in a whole lot of features like a camera in there too, it’s definitely worth carrying around. 

This gadget is as light as can be expected compared to the average laptop.  It also has a pretty advanced core CPU chip, especially the latest ones out in the market.  One particular feature that Apple has added is the Retina display which shows colors in brilliant fashion.  Due to the lack of keyboards, or the fact that it is no longer necessary to have keyboards on the gadget gives it more space for display and use. 

All Around General Purpose.  From the previous thread, we’ve just discussed how the tablet has everything packed in it.  The truth is encompassed in a single word: APPS.  Thanks to applications—from calculators, weight management applications to photo editors—basically everything out there, one can cram practically anything into the tablet and use it for anything.  From star-mapping tool to an app that measures your pace as you run, the tablet can pretty much do everything you want it to do. 

Gone are the days when you’ll have to carry a cellular phone in one pocket, a compass, a digital watch, a notebook and pad paper and a digital camera and a laptop in your bag.  The tablet is the trapper keeper of the millenials—carrying anything and everything within its folds and it seems that’s the way it’s going to be for quite awhile it seems.  

Easy Sharing.  Interestingly, one of the best features of the tablet is the fact that not only is it highly useful on a variety of PC programs, it is definitely a tool when it comes to online social media.  Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are definitely matched with this tool, they’re basically made for the other.  Taking a picture and automatically sharing it on Facebook is definitely easy with this gadget, and that’s only one of the thousand other applications that is possible with this thing.    

Sharing does not only pertain to online sharing but as a device to physically share between people.  Business presentations for example have accepted tablets as part of the norm, with CEOs and executives passing the holy tablet full of graphs across the room.  It’s the end of the sorry business of LCD projectors. 

The portability of the tablet is also very telling of our human ability to make better batteries.  Without decent batteries to power all those energy-consuming applications, the technology can be problematic.  What other technologies can we look forward to in the future?  We definitely have more in store for us in the coming years after the tablet.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Make Your iPad Awesome with These Cases

So you've just got yourself a sweet deal on a new iPad. Do you think your problems are over? Unfortunately, you need a case to protect your new gadget and, believe me, the choices will make your head spin.

Don't worry though, we got your back. We took a look around and picked the coolest iPad cases for you.

This is not the iPad you're looking for.

Just an iPad dude hanging around. Nothing to see here.

Seriously, you can never go wrong with a bacon case.

You can never go wrong with Pandas too.

This iPad case will eat your soul.

This iPad case is just stupid... and awesome!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Major iPad Wipeout

I have killed my last iPad. No Apple device last longer than 3 months with me. I really have some major bad juju with iPhones and iPads. Good thing is these things keep me from breaking any bones, they get crushed on impact leaving the rest of my body quite safe when I wipe out on the road.

Yeah, next time I'm sticking with a GoPro Action cam.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Play Online Casino European Roulette Machine at Lunacasino!

The best of online casino roulette at Lunacasino—be part of it!

Whether its online or at the real-live casino, European or American Roulette, going for the black or red or the odd or the even has always been an exciting, popular casino game for people to play.  And where else to play it but at Lunacasino, with its top-choice, bestselling games, unique promotions that come frequently, as well as its myriad of prizes to be won.

Today we’re featuring Lunacasinos online casino roulette, done European-style.

European roulette has always been the preferred version of roulette—while sporting only very minor differences with American Roulette.  Still, it is this minute difference that spells a huge impact in terms of probabilities.  European roulette has 37 slots or chambers where the ball will fall in after every spin and these numbers pertain to numbers 0 through 36.  American Roulette on the other hand sports 38, because apart from the typical values it adds a “00” or double zero slot or chamber.  In simple terms, compared to American Roulette, European Roulette cuts the House edge by half.

European Roulette Machine is an online casino roulette offered by Lunacasino that mimics reality for its superb graphics quality.  It has the existing features of an actual roulette game—Red or Black, Odd or Even bets, straight, split, corner as well as outside bets among the many kinds of wagers one can play in roulette.  It even exceeds reality by adding an Autoplay feature which allows your game to take care of itself while you’re doing other tasks—or playing other online casino games at Lunacasino.

The graphics are a product of the peak of 3D technology.  The game room itself is like a virtual room that makes you feel like you walked into a grand hotel casino.  You’ll find LCD screens placed around a roulette machine.  The roulette machine itself is excellently represented, with a glass dome protecting the croupier inside—you’ll also notice reflections of the roulette on the dome; excellent detailing, from the central pieces of the game, from the grain of the polished wood that forms the play table down to the texture of the faux leather on the stools.  It’s like you’re really there.  The only experience that can possibly match what this game can offer is another of Luna’s online roulette offerings, which is a live casino complete with a real human dealer—done over videoconferencing.    

Lunacasino, named after the Roman goddess of the moon was launched in 2012. Licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta, the site is available in 21 languages.   Visit the Lunacasino site today and play an array of games from slot machines, to popular card games like blackjack, poker, baccarat and of course roulette.

Try the European Slot Machine experience today at Lunacasino—and see how real your game can get with this calibre of quality and excitement!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Foul Ball Lands Right on iPad Camera

A lot of things can happen at a ball game. Yikes! In this instance a foul ball hits a guy right on his iPad, you could hear the smack! He should count his stars it could have been his ugly mug!

But the iPad camera took the blow real good. Using your iPad as a camera is a normal thing.. I guess for selfies and taking shots of high-speed ball pitches.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Instagram App Costume That Takes Real Instagram Pics

Photographer Eric Micotto dressed up as a walking Instagram app and amazingly, used an iPad as part of his costume. Now that's interactive!

He utilized a Nikon D800 camera for the front part of his Instgram logo and hooked up with an Eye-fi SD card and a portable wireless router. He then linked the Eye-fi card using the ShutterSnitch app on the iPad and set the iPad not go to sleep, so it was snap action ready for the party. The photos went straight up to Instagram as well.

Real cool for an Instgram costume to actually work like the real deal. And with the iPad's 10 hour battery life - that's one Helluva party!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hot 8 New Slot Games from SkillOnNet Ready for Play at Luna Casino

Have you heard about LunaCasino’s new amazing games? These are hot slots I tell yah and you iPad camera folks better get some slot action!

Luna Casino has ventured with SkillOnNet Limited, a major B2B software developer to add eight new awesome games to its already huge 90 gaming list.
"Good new games are what players want and good new games are what we give them. SkillOnNet’s aggressive release policy of one game per week is holding up, with eight new titles in the last eight weeks driving more revenue and attracting new players," says Michael Golembo, SkillOnNet VP Marketing on the new slot games.

One of the great games to try on is Flip Flap! An entertaining 3D game with superb graphics, enhanced sound and a fun-filled theme that is sure to excite players of all ages. Simply match up quirky cube-form faces for hot prizes and multipliers for up to 20x the winnings. The other 7 new slot games are impressive to boot with their stunning visuals and unique themes that spans all interests and tastes among online gamers.

"Wherever possible new SkillOnNet slots receive extra promotion and offline exposure and the release of Flip Flap is a good example of timing the launch to coincide with the Easter TV activity running now in Denmark. With its truly fresh and imaginative design this online casino slot game is already proving to be a winner!"

LunaCasino is a popular online gaming website with over 100 slot machine, poker, blackjack, roulette and other popular casino games, all playable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online via computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and other internet ready mobile devices.